Colourfully Chic, some fun is added to the notion of chic. It was once said that ‘elimination is the secret of chic’ and apart from a splash of colour, we totally agree. Wonderfully simple, yet striking.

Chic is created using cedar wood and patchouli oils and is presented in a 'soft touch' tube for a luxurious feel.

Chic Black comes in an extra tall, soft touch tube with 30mL of Eucalyptus & Lemongrass scented product.

Simple, discreet envelope packs are used for the shower cap, vanity pack & personal care items. 100% recycled and decoratively textured card.

Chic Black soap is tissue-pleat wrapped and comes in 20gm and 40gm sizes.

Chic baths salts are packaged in a elegant envelope pack. The salts make every bath one to remember. The pack is made of 100% recycled textured board